Beer History in Delft with Aad van der Hoeven

In an earlier piece we wrote about a few days in Delft and the many good bars available there. We also discussed the beer that proudly bears the name Delft.

The man behind this beer and also behind the renewed historical interest in beer from Delft is Aad van der Hoeven.

As mentioned before when we think of Delft we automatically think of Vermeer paintings, Delfts Blauw china and the royal family. At certain times there were around 200 breweries however  within the city walls. A fact that has been snowed under.

Aad’s passion for Delft beer history went so far that he even wrote a book about it. For the publication of the book a beer was brewed called Mueselare. A few of the local restaurant- and bar owners were present at the release party and wanted the beers. Through word of mouth more establishments joined and you can now get the Delft beers in a lot of places in the downtown area.

The beers they release are old fashioned, historical beers. They even found two old recipes in the archives of the Van Berckel family who ran the last operational brewery in Delft. The beer is not brewed in Delft but at Klein Duimpje in nearby Lisse.

The Delft Beerhistorical Society organizes tours through Delft where they talk about the history of Delft beer. Last year alone they organized 30 walks and 6 lectures and they are always full, as were the tastings they organized.

The beers are sold well and right now they released a new beer to celebrate the 5 year anniversary. It is a stout brewed with coffee. A historical wink to the Dutch East India company who brought stout beer on their trip to Asia and brought back coffee.

There are enough reasons to visit Delft, but let the beer history of that beautiful city be one of them and whenever you are eating or drinking somewhere in Delft look on the menu for the local beer.

Visit for more information. It is in Dutch only but that shouldn’t stop you.



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