Beer News: a Brewery for de Eem

Ruud van Moorst and his de Eem beers have been welcome guests on the many festivals and in the many stores and bars this country has. But Ruud never had his own brewery, instead he brewed his beers at several locations. This is about to change.

Near the Amersfoort central stadium in an old building of the National Railways a brewery and tasting room will be opened in the near future, Ruud is aiming for the start of 2013. This building has been in his plans for about five years. To pay for the new brewery de Eem has been offering loans. Even though the economy isn’t great at the moment the number of people signing up for them is above expectations. Besides this there are negotiations with investors, foundations and banks.

The new de Eem brewery will be another place for people who are far removed from regular jobs. Ruud has brewed at de Prael for 3 years and at Praght for 2 so has a lot of experience with similar breweries. Ruud: “They are often very enthusiastic and it’s great to see some of them grow, that is why I want to offer them a place at de Eem”.

When the first beers will be brewed remains a question for now because Ruud is still looking for the right brewing installation. Let’s hope he finds one soon and that we can all make the trek to Amersfoort for some great beer.


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