Beer News: A Brewery for Ramses

Go to any specialty beer shop in the country and you are bound to see Ramses’ colorful labels on the shelf. Ramses Snoeij isn’t your ordinary brewer. Where in most cases the brewers of today started in the last decade Ramses already has decades of experience.

He was in Oregon in 1990 and got the brewing bug, and where better to get that than in beer’s new capital. In the years following his experiences in North America he studied biology and during his university years in Utrecht kept brewing, sometimes more than 1000 liters at a time. But moving and children and a lucrative part-time job kept the passion at bay, but like the beers the idea of making beers kept brewing in his mind, he was just looking for the right moment to start. In 2008 Ramses had a talk with Sjef from De 3 Horne in Kaatsheuvel. The first brew was successful and he decided to brew his beers there.

Ramses’ parents used to own a café and restaurant and here his passion for beer started at age 16. He spent five in North America and thought about starting a microbrewery, this was around 2001. If he had known that it was possible to rent a brewery he probably would have done that.

Ramses has a special way of looking at brewing, and also about the installation used for brewing. “On the one hand it’s core of your business so it has to be efficient and modern as possible. On the other hand a good cook can make a great meal on camping equipment. It’s now a matter of guts and money. Even though the rise of interest in Dutch brewing leads to a little more guts, I am still a proponent of gradual growth. I am looking for a second hand brewing installation. I’ve asked Constant Kleinemans to advise me about this. He has finished a few good projects successfully.”

To afford the new brewery and installation at the Thijssenweg 20A in Wagenberg Ramses issued obligations, starting at €1000 with 6% interest. This high interest is because he needs the investors as soon as possible. They can also can their interest in beer, in that case the interest is 12%. If investors want to turn their entire investment into beer they will get 18% extra interest in beer. Investors can also choose other variations. Even though there have been plenty of investors there is still room for more.

People interested in helping a new brewery can contact Ramses on People who sign up will also get a box of Ramses beer and an invitation to the opening!


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