The Hague. The seat of the government of this country and one of the 4 major cities in this country. The number of breweries however is limited but this will change soon with the opening of the Kompaan brewery. Kompaan has been releasing a selection of above average brews already. Time for a little chat with the young guys behind Kompaan.

kompaan+krat_defGood Kompany

Yes, the words Kompaan and Company have the same root somewhere in lingual history. The word is a reflection of what they are: buddies,and they have been for 18 years now. The friends are Jeroen and Jasper, the owners of Kompaan with Frans as their honorable Kompaan. Their educational/dayjob background is some ways removed from beer, with backgrounds in physical science, engineering and business.

Den Haag, not the brewing capital

Den Haag might be the center of the Dutch political world, it isn’t yet the center of the Dutch brewing world. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for Kompaan. Unlike other cities craft beer hasn’t made a big dent into the market yet. This is a market that Kompaan hopes to break open and change. But small breweries need each other to compete against the larger brewers. So let’s hope for more brewers in that region!

An actual place where beer is brewed in The Hague!

At the moment they are already making beer Moerwijk, a part of The Hague. They will move to the Saturnusstraat where they will have a 20.000 liter capacity and a place where they can produce as best as they can. This is a longterm plan and they will remain brewing at friendly brewers in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Already present in another way

Not having their own brewery yet doesn’t mean they haven’t been a presence in their city yet. In 2013 they hosted two of their own festivals: a beach festival in July and in October a festival in the old factory they will move into where sailing equipment for ships was manufactures. 2014 will just be a year of one festival and they prefer the beach.

kompaan_kompaan-nr20The Beers

Kompaan has five beers for sale at the moment, all with a number for some reason.

They are the

–          20. A 4 malt, 3 hop unfiltered beer with just 5.2% alcohol.

–          45, a porter/stout inspired beer, 7.1%

–          070. A very pale pilsner, 2 malts, 2 hops at 5%.

–          58. 3 malt, 3 hop amber beer with dry hopping and a nice 8.2% percentage.

–          39.  The heaviest Kompaan beer with 9%. Port was added during brewing.


Apart from the 5 beers I just mentioned they have recently released a collaboration brew with Robbert Uyleman (‘t Uiltje). This cooperation was exactly what it should be: bringing together the best of both. The balance of Kompaan and the hoppiness of ‘t Uiltje combined great to give us the ‘Gevleugelde Vriend’, the winged friend. It also led to some success on the side with their beers being available at the Jopen Church where Robbert works.

Barrel Aged

And there is another thing they have in common with ‘t Uiltje. Robbert just released a series of barrel ages beers which I unfortunately have not had the fortune yet of trying. In 2014 Kompaan will also release beers aged in among others Filliers, Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey barrels. With that and 4 seasonals coming to the shops this year 2014 will show yet another step in the development of Kompaan. Can’t wait until the actual brewery is open in a few years!

Kompaan on the internet

Kompaan on Facebook

Kompaan on Twitter


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