Brewery review: Brouwerij Troost

Breweries have lately been occupying buildings that have lost their old function. Windmills, factory buildings, churches and other buildings are now kept intact on the outside while on the inside giving us new beer. This has also happened in a monastery located in De Pijp, a great neighborhood in Amsterdam where once the Heineken brewery stood.

IMG_1906New brewery Troost moved into such a building that was once a monastery and before it became Troost it was an unemployment office on the roomy Cornelis Troost square that also gives the brewery its name, although the literal translation of troost (comfort) would have been a good name as well. The building is huge with the brewery just occupying a wing. It still holds the local police and a hotel, it also is an example of the pre-war Amsterdam architecture style.

So Amsterdam has a new brewery, one of the many that started in the last two years but this one actually brews on site and sells on site too. The brewing vats make up a big part of the interior and even some of the exterior because they stand behind glass.

IMG_1907It has only been open a few weeks but it has been a success. They apparently underestimated the demand because they were already out of their weizen. The blond and IPA were still available. Is it beer to make a trip for? The short answer is no. The beers are decent but the most interesting feature is that they are unique. The blond had good palate but no discernible taste, the IPA was better. It lacked some of the bitterness I like but had character. The weizen was replaced by Maisels which is both surprising and disappointing. The people running Troost have another bar (Kostverloren) with a good beer menu that offers many other Dutch beers. Another replacement was Jopen, something we can only applaud. Considering their new position offering a good Dutch white beer would have made more sense.
So the beer isn’t great, but does this mean you should ignore Troost altogether? Absolutely not. While the beer is average the location, room and menu are great. Being in de Pijp it is easy to reach and great to combine with the many things that neighborhood has to offer. The menu is eclectic, focused on burgers but with much more than that. Soups, sandwiches, snacks and enough other beverages for the non-alcohol drinkers. The furniture in the room seems to have been lifted out of school buildings from 50 years ago but it makes it light, open and fitting. The terrace wasn’t open yet but the courtyard seems perfect for a late afternoon beer.

Troost has Wifi and you can pay with debit card only.



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  1. Debit card only? So no foreign visitors, then?


    • I wasn’t sure to add anything about that to the article. I know that for most European card holders it won’t be a problem. I can use my debit card all over Europe without any fees. How it is when you’re from overseas I am not sure about. Extra fees maybe?


      • Ah OK. If they take Visa/Mastercard that’s fine. I’m just thinking of the rail system where if you don’t have a card attached to a Dutch bank account you can’t buy online or at most ticket machines. It’s very frustrating.

  2. Posted by John Clarke on 01/04/2014 at 4:02 pm

    Shame about the beers – but I guess they can always get better. I’ll certainly be checking it out in May.


  3. Imagine my elation when I walked up to the big new sign for Troost that I’d never noticed before despite walking by on Ferdinand Bolstraat nearly daily and discovered a brand new brewpub in my neighborhood. I didn’t have time for a pint when I walked by yesterday, but tomorrow’s a different story.


    • Brian, hope you enjoy the place. I lived in de Pijp for 6 years, really close to Troost. Btw, you have an awesome blog.


      • Firstly, dankuwel. Secondly, I’m even more excited for you than I am for us, in that case, since I’ve only been waiting for a brewpub to arrive here for the last 6 months. I’ve gone twice now. I think they really need to dial in that IPA although I’m aware that my palate has been shaped by American/West-Coast IPAs. The Blonde is what I call serviceable. Looking forward to the house wheat returning and really, to the future styles they’ll be brewing. I only ate once, and the burger was definitely great, maybe almost as good as Lombardo’s famous burger. But overall, very happy to have another beer spot besides our local Gollem. Cheers.

  4. A small note: It is also possible to pay with your credit card in Troost!


  5. […] the taste or quality of any of the beers at Brouwerij Troost (there is an insightful review over at Dutch Beer Pages). I was happy to see, however, that the menu of club sandwiches, burgers and flammkuchen (crispy […]


  6. […] post. In Amsterdam interesting things are happening. This year saw the opening of new brewpubs (Troost for example) and beer-themed bars and shops all over the city. De Vriendschap just opened a BrewLab […]


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