A New Trappist

Let’s not start this article with yet another description of what trappist beer is. Chances are the average visitor of this blog will already know and if you don’t, a simple visit to Wikipedia should provide you with all the answers. What might be a little less known is that in the last few years new breweries have started that can call themselves trappists, and not only in Belgium anymore. France, Austria and even the United States now have trappist breweries.

kievit2The Netherlands was already blessed with La Trappe in Koningshoeven, nearby Tilburg. Their excellent beer is served all over the world and their abbey is a popular tourist destination. Since 2013 a new trappist brewery started up the fire underneath the copper kettles. This time in Zundert, also in the province of Brabant, and they are called De Kievit.


The abbey is located on a piece of land Benedictine monks bought about a century ago and where they founded the Maria Toevlucht Abbey. The first time this abbey got some renown was with breeding prizewinning cows and it was focused on dairy for that time until the 1990’s when they briefly changed to meat. This also stopped and the brothers then looked out for something else to make and started thinking about a brewery.

The release of the beer has not been a spur of the moment action but has been a labor of love you can say. The process from start to finish took four years before the bottle was sold for the first time.

kievitThe monks didn’t use one of the other trappists as an example, though there are similarities. Kievit is aiming to reach the production of Achel while Orval is the only other trappist brewery with only one beer. Because the entire brewing process is done within the walls of the abbey it is a real trappist brewery, and they got the sign to prove it.

The brewing is done by only two monks and it is just one of the many tasks to be done around the abbey. Most of the steps in the process take place in the abbey. Only the malts are bought and not processed from scratch. Bottling is done somewhere else but the rest is all done in the abbey.


The beer was voted best new beer from the Netherlands on Ratebeer in 2013 and has been garnering a lot of attention around the western world.

The response to the beer was expected, but not in the overwhelming positive way that it has been welcomed onto the beer scene. But there is enough left for the monks ;). Let’s hope they will make more for us.


Zundert website


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