Amsterdam’s new beer scene part III: Amsterdam Brewboys

We already discussed Nordman and De Vriendschap, this installment in this series will be about the Amsterdam Brewboys. Also a new brewery that started in the last few months and with a story that in many ways mirrors that of the others.

BEERMAT-FACES_Artboard-300The brewboys are Pieter and Sebastiaan and starting the brewery came came out of the urge to do something new next to what they were already doing.

Pieter has been running a diner for almost a decade now called Langendijk (his last name). Visitors to Brouwerij ‘t IJ will have passed and seen it because they are practically neighbors. It must have been the smell then that saturated their nostrils with this good idea.

Partner Sebastiaan has been brewing for over a decade already. A lot at home but also in Sydney at Young Henry’s and he also spent some time at De Prael to look at the process.

Getting known

Being a restaurant owner already gives him easy access to the local restaurant- and bar business network. Other relations helped as well, showing once again as with the other new breweries that if the network is already largely in place it helps getting the word out and the beer poured.

The fact that it’s a local brew means that there is more interest than there otherwise might have been. Local is hot right now. Another plus is that brewers and owners are very easy to get into contact with. The same goes for the shops, if you know how to sell it they will take it. Pieter thinks all the new breweries are good rather than competition. The brewing business is a hard one but very collegial. Every brewery has its own ideas and its own product so there is enough variation.

But Pieter stresses that these facts alone do not make a successful career. The basis of it all still is hard work.

The beer

The brewboys have so far released one beer, a Pale Ale. The first two batches were brewed at the Sallandse Brewery but they have now moved to Lindeboom to make more.

Why did Amsterdam get so much more interesting after I left…


Amsterdam Brewboys website

Releaseparty video


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  1. Hi Thanx for your story! 😉 And Yes The Amsterdam Brewboys are great! A other good thing to mention is that (other than the most brewery’s) They work together with Young Creatives to give that extra touch to the beer experience. Check out their Facebook or Youtube for some crazy thing they did with several artist. Very creative!


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