The collaboration brew; one of the many new trends in beerland we applaud. Today a collaboration of a different sort. Proeflokaal Mout, run by Susan Huitinga, is working on the funding of a new tasting room in Groningen that will only serve Dutch beer. We here at the Dutch Beer Pages share a similar goal: letting the world know about the great new Dutch beer scene. So we decided to work together. Maybe on articles in the future, for now we will translate some of MOUT’s articles into English for this blog, and Dutch for her blog.

This is the first article, about a man with an unbridled passion for beer who recently started his own brewery in Enschede, called Eanske. This article was posted on the 25th of September on MOUT. All the words and pictures are theirs.

Brouwerij Eanske

Oscar Moerman (c) Proeflokaal Mout


The autumn wind almost blows us off the road when we enter Enschede. A perfect time for bock you could say. Not according to Oscar Moerman, the jovial man behind Eanske: “if you think commercially you brew a bock, but I prefer originality”. This apparently means brewing an Imperial Schwarz at 7,5%, for people not fond of a full-bodied porter or a bitter stout; a good pick-me-up in this miserable weather. This beer was released in October, contrary to their lambik, which you can pre-order. “At the moment the barrels are still in the cellar of a nearby liquor store and when you buy it in 2015 you have to let it rest for another year.”

Oscar started experimenting with this beertype since 2002. In 2006 he made a Dutch geuze with the Kinhem brewery, but these were his hobby years. The hobby turned into an actual brand with beers like the 1325 (American Pale Ale) and the Heilige Jacobus [Holy Jacob] (Light IPA), two beers that according to us can be a little more outspoken. We do not see the guts and enthusiasm that Oscar brings to the beerworld. However in the Donkere Dagen we recognize a lot more of his creativity.

Apart from brewing, Oscar is busy with everything that deals with beer and people. He produces BrouwTV, started a digital beer encyclopedia, is active in discussions on beer message boards and is a member of the ‘Twents Beerbrewersguild’. “Brewers are missionaries, there is no competition between people sharing a hobby” One such cooperation is the Smoky Lady, brewed by Oscar and Ruud of Brouwerij De Eem. The inspiration for this came when he received peated smoked malt from Brouwerij Liefde.

Oscar and Eanske can be found on many beerfestivals. “Microbreweries have it hard, you have to know how to sell your beer and not just stand there. I enjoy talking about my profession and my product with people who are interested.

Big breweries have it a lot easier and even use the trend. Brand now has their annual brewing competition, amateurs deliver the recipe and Brand releases it. They will soon release an IPA made by amateur brewer. It does make the public at large come into contact with new beer types and craft brewing. Brand is taking along the smaller brewers.

Oscar quickly makes us feel comfortable. He is an easy talker and less ADHD than his social media led us to believe. He calls himself an beersommelier without a license. To people who argue against that he smiles and says: challenge me!. His opinion about the beersommelier course STiBON: “great, but you can also learn to taste without a diploma. I only have less experience with food pairings. What I applaud is that at the Jumbo supermarket they are educating their personnel about beer, they should also know what they are selling.”

When we ask him what he thinks is the most important thing about selling his beer he answers: “be honest about your product, tell people what it is, where it’s from and where it was made. Eanske itself is made at the Sallandse Brewery in Raalte. This doesn’t mean that he gives them the recipe and that they make it, he does every step himself and you can also find the gear in his shed and house.

(c) Proeflokaal Mout

When it’s time for us to leave Oscar gives us a lot of homemade experimental brews, a testament to his experimental nature. It is up to us now to taste!


Link to the Eanske website (Dutch Only)


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