The Owl spreads his wings!

It didn’t take long for Robbert Uyleman and his brewery Het Uiltje to become one of the leading voices of craft beer in the country. His barrel-aged Meneer de Uil series is a classic and his other, mostly hoppy, beers are so good that it is hard to look for equals. The “Met je Cascade Groene Trui” (you and your Cascade green sweater) has been getting rave reviews and will be made again. He has made the anniversary beer for the Beer Temple and this will be the house beer. So when you are over in Amsterdam and are going to the Beer Temple, try it.

This is all good news, but it pales in comparison to this news:

Het Uiltje will open a bar and bottle shop!

That’s right. The success has led to het Uiltje having its own space in downtown Haarlem. In February a bar will open in the Zijlstraat. And it won’t be just a small bar with two beers on tap. You will be able to choose from 30 different taps. That’s right, thirty, dreizig, trente, XXX. 12 of those will be for het Uiltje beers, and some of those will be for beer that will only be sold here. Think more Meneer de Uil beers, single hop IPA’s and more. The other 18 will be for other Dutch breweries and from the rest of the world. My guess is the experience will be like the Beer Temple. Every time you’re in the bar, there will be more beers you have never had than beers you once tasted and you feel so very very small, like a speck of dust in an ever expanding universe.

If you can’t wait for the bar you can get your Uiltje beer bottles in a new store that will open next to it. This shop will open in December. Expect the same thing as in the bar; all the Uiltje beers and great ones from Europe and the U.S. You can also get your Uiltje gear here and merchandise from other breweries. The IPA’s will be cooled as Robbert is adamant that these are consumed as fresh as possible.


Het Uiltje bar and shop will be one of the first in the country where you can fill a growler. You can choose from any of the 30 taps or you can use that same growler to walk over to the nearby Jopenkerk and fill it up there. This means there are around 45 different beers at any time to buy.

A new owl

This expansion means that there would be too much to do for Robbert alone. Het Uiltje is now joined by Tjebbe Kuiper who will be in charge of the bar and shop while Robbert will keep making those awesome beers.

It’s another big step in Dutch brewing, and it’s great to see that someone who has shown the passion and craftsmanship like Robbert will get more outlets and attention. Het Uiltje has been one of the best things to happen to Dutch craft beer, and it shows no sign of stopping for now.


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  1. Great news!


  2. Posted by Tom on 18/11/2014 at 6:24 pm

    I think its time for a new journey to Haarlem next year! 🙂


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