30,000 and counting

30000When I posted the first articles on this blog 5 years ago I never thought that at the end of 2014 the blog would have been viewed 30,000 times. There seems to be a lot of interest in Dutch beer from all over the world and some people apparently seem to enjoy reading about it. I have enjoyed writing about festivals, new bars or shops and brewers. When it comes to those brewers I have them to thank for their often excellent replies. They say that the best people in a certain field also give the best answers. It is no coincidence then that three of my favorite articles to write were about Duits & Lauret, Rooie Dop and Het Uiltje. Brewers with so much passion it is a lot easier to write about them.

It is amazing how much has changed from view 1 to 30,000. New brewers pop up almost every week and breweries that were already doing fine are doing better. Of course some have folded over the years but that’s only natural in a branch of business like brewing.

There has been a shift from mostly German and Belgian style beers to more English and American. Westcoast hops are used often and when new breweries put their first beer on the market they often start with an I.P.A.-type beer instead of a blond or tripel. Just look at all those new Amsterdam brewers I have written about lately.

Dutch beer booming

2014 saw one of the biggest highlights and a confirmation that something interesting is happening when Dutch brewers were invited to a huge beer festival in Portland, Oregon, the new brewing capital of the world. It shows that people all over the globe are interested, and not just here in Holland where some people might buy local beer for the heck of it. As part of the whole local food fad beer is a perfect product. A product that supermarkets and restaurants are interested in too. More and more beer- and food pairings are possible and people are starting to see beer as more than just something to drink while watching football.

The quality of the beer is getting better too and is starting to get recognized. Dutch brewers are winning prizes at prestigious festivals in Japan and Belgium. Every year Dutch brewers are raking in more medals, and new brewers are winning as well.

Exciting Developments

The post that broke the 30,000 mark brought the exciting news that one of the best brewers in the country, Robbert Uyleman, is expanding with a bar and bottleshop for het Uiltje. This after Jopen expanded their brewery with a new bottle line and tasting room and a few days before Duits & Lauret made known they are moving into an old fortress to the south of Utrecht. More about that in a future post. In Amsterdam interesting things are happening. This year saw the opening of new brewpubs (Troost for example) and beer-themed bars and shops all over the city. De Vriendschap just opened a BrewLab and Bret will open soon, another great place for beer lovers. And it’s not just here. Exciting things are even happening in the North, a region that for a long time lagged behind the rest of the Netherlands. New breweries and bars have started or will start soon there..

What exemplifies craft brewing all over the world is the spirit of comradery. All the brewers help each other and are not enemies. Robbert’s bar will serve beer from many great breweries from all over the world. The number of collaboration brews is still rising as well, with better and better results.

What people look for on the blog

Interest in the blog comes mostly from the Netherlands. Since basically everyone here has a good grasp of English the articles are read by the locals. The countries where most of the other views come from all make sense. Neighbors Belgium, German and the U.K. bring in a lot of viewers yet most views come from The United States. Number 5 on the list is another up-and-coming beer nation, Italy. The blog had 1 view from countries like Laos, Brunei, Saint Lucia, Nepal, Isle of Man and more. These are numbers from February 2012 till November 24, 2014.

Top 5 best read articles

The best viewed page is the page with the great beer places to visit, because this is a page and not a blogpost I haven’t included it in the list.

  1. The Beer Café
  2. Utrecht to Portland
  3. Drinking Beer in Groningen
  4. Amsterdam’s Golden Quartet
  5. De Prael

Top 5 Clicks

What links do people click on when they’re on the page. They go here:

  1. Brouwerij De Molen
  2. Pint
  3. De Prael
  4. Harry Pinkster’s page (the map with all the breweries)
  5. Bert’s Bierhuis


How do people get to the page:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Facebook
  3. Reddit
  4. Twitter
  5. Duits & Lauret

Search Engine Terms

  1. Dutch Beer
  2. Dutch Beer Pages
  3. Borefts Beer Festival
  4. Dutch Brewery
  5. De Prael

I am very proud of the fact that on Google this blog shows up on page 1 when you enter the search terms “dutch beer” or “dutch craft beer”. It has always been my attention to spread the word about great Dutch craft beer and the 30,000 viewers and people I have met in person tell me that I apparently I am doing something right. So brace yourself for more!


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