5 Beer Reviews II

5 Beer Reviews, Part II

It’s been a while since I last posted some reviews. Decided to approach this a little differently. I will post here after I have had 5 great Dutch beers that I feel you should try as well. So no negative reviews here! Long live positivity and great craft beer.

  1. Brouwerij Kees! – London Mild Ale

Kees is of course Kees Bubberman, formerly responsible for some of the finest beers this country has seen this century when still brewing at Emelisse. He has now started his own brewery and has released some great beers this year. My first Kees was a Citra Pale Ale at Bokaal in Rotterdam which was a great beer. The London Mild Ale is something else though. Emelisse has a great 2,5% session IPA which might be the best sub-3% beer I have ever tasted. This London Mild Ale clocks in at a hefty 3,5%. If you had told me it was 7% I would have believed you too. The roasted coffee and chocolate make it well rounded with the hops filling in any of the blanks still left in the taste. Never watery, never dull, a truly great beer. Hopefully soon more about Kees on these here pages .

  1. Dochter van de Korenaar – Passe-Partout.

Before you started spewing your hatred, in my eyes DvdK is run by Dutchmen in a tiny enclave surrounded by Dutch soil. His address might be in Belgium, but we can claim him for us as well. Anyway, since we are talking about low alcohol beers this Passe Partout is very different from the first one mentioned here. It is bitter and doesn’t have the nice little flavors that the Kees has but I can definitely see this beer being your thing. I have had much worse in this age of session IPA’s, well done. Another example of a brewer who is just as at home at 11% as 3%.

  1. Uiltje CC Porter.

I’ve always hated the Bounty Candy Bar. There is just something about the texture of coconut that ruined everything for me. Up to this day I cannot stand it. Het Uiltje finally made it possible to enjoy one and a lot more with its CC Porter. Some of it gushed out of the bottle unfortunately, although my kitchen smelled great for the next 20 odd hours so it wasn’t all bad. It is a well made porter so has all the nice coffee and chocolate flavors it is supposed to have with the added bonus of coconut. It apparently is a one-off beer but Robbert, can you please make more of this?

  1. Brouwerij Kees Export Porter 1750.

In part 1 we have established that Kees Bubberman is excellent at making low alcohol beers. If you are under the impression that this is the only thing he is good at you are sadly mistaken. He can do whoppers of 10% and over as well and this superb double porter shows just that. Thick, dry, sweet but also bitter with hints of some herb, might be laurel and liquorice. It had no head but who cares when it brings you a fraction of a second closer to tasting this. Perfection in bottle.

  1. Bax Bier Ketter

It took the release of just two beers to make Jeroen Bax and cohorts  their Bax Beer the best brewery in the north by miles. More and more I see bottles of Bax in other parts of the country and his stock keeps rising. One of the two beers he made his debut with was the Koud Vuur (Cold Fire), a smoked beer as balanced as that dude walking on a wire between the WTC Towers. As with most Bax Beers extra credit for the name. Ketter means heretic. ‘Roken al s een ketter’ means smoking as a heretic. Balance is Bax’ strongpoint and the Ketter is no different. It is higher in alcohol, but also higher in taste and awesomeness.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by John Clarke on 21/09/2015 at 1:15 pm

    I had the Kees Export Porter on draft at the Great British Beer Festival – immediately become one of my beers of the year. Plan to work through all of the Kees beers I’ve not had when I go to Borefts.


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